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Types of Surveys

What you need to know

Boundary Survey

This type of land survey is used to locate a parcel of land's corners and property boundary lines. To define the boundary lines on a piece of land, a boundary survey will use both recorded deeds and physical markers. A boundary survey necessitates both record keeping and field research. It is most commonly used for personal records and locating easement lines.

ALTA Survey

An American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey provides the necessary survey data for a lender and/or title company to deliver an ALTA insurance policy. An ALTA survey is commonly performed prior to the purchase of a piece of property or the investment in a new home.

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is used to locate both man-made and natural features on a parcel of land. Roads, buildings, ditches, trees, streams, and utilities are examples of such features. Architects and engineers working on property improvement plans are the most likely to use this type of survey.

Mortgage Survey

A mortgage survey, like an ALTA survey, is used when purchasing a home or piece of property. Before making a purchase, it verifies the structures on the property, the land and property title owners, and that the property complies with all building and zoning codes.

Elevation Certificate

In order to obtain flood insurance, an elevation certificate is needed. It determines the elevation of the house.

Condominium Survey

A condominium plat is a survey of new construction or the conversion of an existing building that delineates the units, horizontal and vertical ownership restrictions, and shared ownership regions within the condominium association.

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